Corporate Fraud Intelligence

If you suspect fraudulent or corrupt activity or misappropriation of assets our experts can help you to determine the existence, nature and extent of the fraud. We work with absolute discretion to identify the parties involved and, where possible, recover the loss.

Where a fraud is suspected our forensic team can collect evidence, secure witness statements, interview suspects and secure any digital evidence. We produce supporting documentation to tribunal and court evidentiary standards and are available to serve as expert witnesses in civil and criminal litigation.

Where fraudulent or corrupt behaviour is suspected but there is no visibly compelling evidence it is sometimes difficult to know how to proceed. Our Fraud determination analysis promises a rapid, discrete response which focuses on quickly determining the likelihood a fraud has occurred and the impacts it could have in your organisation.

Our subsequent report, delivered as soon as possible, will include:

  • A summation of the likelihood that a fraud has occurred;
  • Impact analysis on the effect of the fraud;
  • Evidence to support the case for a full investigation (where necessary);
  • Expert opinion as to the likelihood of securing a conviction (civil and/or criminal);
  • An immediate action plan to protect the organisation from further damage;
  • Advice on how to proceed;

We have in excess of 30 years experience of carrying out investigations both in the UK and overseas. We have experience of both the private and public sector including Northern Ireland.

This experience leads to a professional, calm and methodical approach whilst ensuring that your company is protected. We will investigate discreetly and report any findings in a comprehensive independent report. Any risks will be identified as we proceed and addressed on a priority basis.

We have experience of giving evidence in court, employment tribunals and preparing affidavits where required. Every enquiry  will cover any fraud risk assessments and gaps analysis that are required.

Once our investigation is completed, our comprehensive report will include the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Details of the allegation
  • Documented approach taken and plan executed
  • Summaries of case notes and diaries of the investigations
  • Witness statements and summaries of interviews
  • Summation of evidentiary exhibits
  • Summary of Risk Assessments
  • Organisational exposure and mitigating actions taken
  • Gap Analysis
  • Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Lessons Learned
  • Organisational Action Plan
  • Appendix A: Detailed case notes and diaries of the investigations
  • Appendix B: Detailed interview notes and statements
  • Appendix C: Detailed list and descriptions of evidentiary exhibits
  • Appendix D: Detailed risks, gaps and actions taken logs

However, our core philosophy is to work in partnership with our clients so we do not “drop a report on your desk and run”. Once we have completed our investigative work, we will continue to work with you to understand the full implications of the findings and to carry forward the recommendations through an organisational action plan.

In addition to our expertise in fraud investigation we have a wealth of experience of  dealing with fraud forensic analysis including IT forensic analysis and acting as expert witnesses for criminal or civil proceedings.

Not only can we help you identify the “footprints” of fraudulent activity in your IT systems but we can also help to re-construct timelines and activities from your IT system logs and the actions of individuals as captured within them.

With our expertise we can help you to secure the vital forensic evidence and intelligence necessary to secure a civil or criminal outcome as appropriate.

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